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Annie believes she was put on this earth to be a mother. And yet following a painful struggle with infertility, when she finally welcomed the birth of her first child, she felt so totally overwhelmed with everything that came with motherhood: the physical and emotional chaos caused by hormones and sleep deprivation and the stress from the challenges she faced with breastfeeding. Annie’s own challenges during these first few months of motherhood are what led her to her work as a postpartum doula. Not only does she love the newborn phase, she brings with her an ability to empathetically nurture parents who are perhaps experiencing that same sense of overwhelm she experienced. 

Annie is a DONA trained postpartum doula. She brings with her a passion for babies, a sense of groundedness and intuition, and wholehearted empathy for the new parents’ experiences. Her goal as a postpartum doula is to provide compassionate and nurturing care, to validate new parents’ feelings, normalize their concerns, and to work alongside them to empower them with the knowledge they need to become confident and capable parents. She has come to understand that no two families, babies or postpartum periods are alike, and aims to provide non-judgemental, evidence-based physical and emotional support while tending to the unique needs of each family. She also serves as a trusted resource for all of your postpartum recovery needs in Marin County and the Bay Area. 

Annie lives in Mill Valley with her husband and blended family of 4 kids. When she’s not working or momming, Annie loves to hike the endless trails of Marin County, meditate and do yoga with her husband, and spend as much time outside soaking in the California weather with friends and family.  She is equally obsessed with dogs as she is babies, so she promises to love your fur babies as much as she loves your little human!
  • Clear background check
  • CPR/First aid certified
  • Current on all vaccines (including Covid-19)
  • Specializes in daytime support including infant care and soothing techniques, feeding support, household organization and establishing healthy sleep and feeding routines to maximize night time sleep

Certifications & Specialities

Postpartum day Doula

Annie Stephenson

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  • Online Pelvic Floor clinic (up to twice a month)
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  • Add on Nursery Prep Visit ($200)
  • Professional advice and group messaging for parents
  • Expert referrals for lactation, sleep consultant, pediatricians, pelvic floor
  • Helping establish healthy feeding and sleeping routines

Rates: $60/Hr, $70/hr multiples

annie's Postpartum Package

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- liz o.

"Annie has been an absolute godsend for our family. She helped me gain confidence in so many facets of new motherhood - from my first trip out of the house, how to maneuver all of our baby gear, to simply helping me understand how to interact and spend time with my new baby. Annie is intuitive, kind beyond words, warm, and supportive. During those delicate weeks after welcoming our baby, Annie was an incredibly calming and reassuring presence in our home. She helped me connect with my baby as well as myself, and I simply can't imagine going through those early weeks of motherhood without her by our side. Annie made a huge imprint on our hearts, and will forever be considered family."

" Annie made a huge imprint on our hearts, and will forever be considered family."

- shelly b.

"I couldn't have imagined how much our family needed Annie until we had her care during the first four months of our daughter's life. There are so many things I can say about why working with her was so special to us, but here are a few highlights that stand out to me. Annie was able to provide different types of emotional support to both my husband and I during such a HUGE transition in our lives, and when we really needed it the most. She was the perfect first person I trusted to care for my daughter - I could deeply relax knowing that my baby was safe and in such attentive care with Annie while I recuperated and rested. She guided us through many of the initial processes that new parents navigate - breastfeeding, how to pump, setting up the nursery, naps, sleep, etc, and she has an extensive network of specialized care providers that she referred us to, as needed. Annie was there to witness, empathize, understand, and guide us through the profound initiation into new parenthood. The first months of our daughter's life will always come with memories of Annie by our side. She will be our friend for life."

" The first months of our daughter's life will always come with memories of Annie by our side. She will be our friend for life."

- paige

"I am endlessly grateful for Annie and her support with me and my baby girl and my only regret was that I didn’t find her sooner!! As a first time mom, I was overwhelmed with anxiety around feeding, sleeping, and making sure my baby was healthy and happy. Annie not only listened to and validated my worries, but she helped me overcome my anxieties one by one. The safety and comfort she brought to our home helped me become more comfortable in my new mom skin. From helping me take time for self care to finding the best ways to interact with my baby, and even guiding me through some tough sleep regressions, Annie was a constant guiding voice and strong support system. She is now the voice in my head helping to calm and guide me during challenging moments, and I can’t thank her enough for that!"

"Annie was a constant guiding voice and strong support system."

- rachel g.

"I can’t say enough good things about my time with Annie. Before baby arrived, she helped me prepare myself and my home for the postpartum period. After the dust settled and my mom/MIL went home, I am so thankful that we had Annie to help me adjust to life as a first time mom. In those early weeks, when everything was new and a bit scary, Annie guided us through many elements of newborn care.  She was there for our first bath, taught us a good nap routine and helped me prep for my first solo flight with baby. She kept me fed, hydrated and well rested/relaxed, which was especially important as my husband transitioned back to work. On top of all the baby help, she became best friends with our bernedoodle puppy, which made his adjustment to our new normal much easier as well. Just watching Annie with my daughter taught me so much and I am very thankful for the time we had with her!"

"I am so thankful that we had Annie to help me adjust to life as a first time mom."

- Erin A.

"I love Annie. As a second time mom, I know that real support those first few months is critical and something I didn't have for my first baby. I instantly connected with Annie. Every visit, she cared for me and both my sons in the ways we needed for that day. She helped set up healthy habits for my baby's sleep routine and could always help with my endless questions that came up while caring for a newborn. She is open, loving, generous and knowledgeable. She provides steadiness and reassurance in such a vulnerable time. She became part of our family and really made our time with our new baby more peaceful."

"she became part of our family and really made our time with our baby more peaceful"