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Hello! My name is Lays Ferreira. I am a wife, sister, and mother of three.  I was born in Brazil and migrated to the U.S when I was still a teenager. Due to my love for kids, I started my journey as a young professional as a nanny. I believe that children bring joy to every family and I love to be surrounded by them.

For my first child, I didn't have much help and for my second I had a Birth and Postpartum Doula. They completely changed my whole perspective when it comes to childbirth. Having the support of a doula before, during, and after, inspired me to do more for myself and to apply these techniques in my own community.

I'm certified and trained both as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lactation consultant educator, and am currently studying to be IBCLC. I also am a Child Educator and I offer sleep training support. While at college, I took infant and child development classes and received my Medical Assistant certification.

My goal is to assist women and families in any way possible during this special time. I am here to support, educate, and encourage. Being a mother and doula made me realize how important it is to provide emotional support and the best care in the first challenging weeks after baby is born.
  • Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula: Childbirth Professionals International
  • Clear background check
  • CPR/First aid certified
  • Professionally insured
  • Current on all vaccines (including Covid-19)
  • Studying at UC Davis to become an IBCLC

Certifications & Specialities

Postpartum Night Doula

Lays Ferreira

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  • Monthly Educational Workshops
  • Online Breastfeeding support (up to three a month)
  • Online Pelvic Floor clinic (up to twice a month)
  • Access to GGDA's library of resources
  • Access to the Village People, providers, and affiliate discounts

ggda membership package includes:

  • Professional advice and group messaging for parent
  • Expert referrals for lactation, pediatricians, pelvic floor
  • Help establishing healthy feeding and sleeping routines

Rates: $66/hr, $84/hr twins

lays's Postpartum Package