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Ronit decided to become a postpartum doula for two main reasons:

(1) Her birth doula, Ms. Petty Lupintski, saved her birth experience. She was a fantastic support for her and her husband. Ms. Lupintski was also there to teach Ronit the basics of becoming a mom.

(2) Ronit suffered from postpartum depression.

Before becoming a mom, she was in touch with herself and felt in control of her life. She felt great during her pregnancy but after a couple of months into babyhood, she shut down and didn't understand what had happened. The month after she gave birth was unfamiliar territory for her and she experienced a rollercoaster of emotions that became unsettling. Her doula was there to talk with her and share her loving shoulder while connecting Ronit with crucial resources to get the help she needed.  Her role as Ronit's doula was impactful for the rest of her life and would determine Ronit's career path.

Today, Ronit is a proud mom of a 20yr and a15 yr old boy; two great young men. Ronit is also the RAV Bodywork and Massage therapy business owner in Oakland. She is an avid supporter of the body awareness and movement base as a tool for living your entire self as a mom and a woman—empowering connection to self and the people around us.

As your doula, Ronit is dedicated to nurturing the mother and her family back to its core wellness and strength. The goal is to achieve a new healthy alignment and settle into a new familial rhythm. She is committed to being there for you - as a new mother, your partner, with nurtured & nourished compassion, patience, and evidence-based care. Her purpose is to support you, the mother, as you bond with your newborn, providing the families with the in-home support they need during the weeks that follow the birth. It’s a precious moment and a significant change that will impact each family member; with a deep understanding of how tender the circumstances may be, Ronit leads with a loving, nonjudgmental, and profoundly nurturing presence.

The journey into parenthood can present new challenges. I encourage partners to find their stable ground to practice safe and loving communications and share their needs and wants with ease, which is not always an easy practice. Her doula time with you will allow an extra hand, ear, and companion to support the parents you become. 

Your family legacy starts with a proud beginning!
  • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Current on all vaccines 
  • Clear background check
  • Professionally Insured
  • Trained Postpartum Doula: Natural Resources 2021
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Pre/Postnatal Massage Therapist

Certifications & Specialities

Postpartum Day Doula, Licensed Massage Therapist

Ronit Varga

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  • Getting to know each other
  • Develop a postpartum plan
  • Practice techniques for easy labor
  • Prepare the home space for you and your little one
  • Design a meal plan for the first ten days after birth
  • Prenatal massage (additional charge)

One in-home 3-hour prenatal/nursery visit ($250)

  • Monthly Educational Workshops
  • Online Breastfeeding support (up to three a month)
  • Online Pelvic Floor clinic (up to twice a month)
  • Access to GGDA's library of resources
  • Access to the Village People, providers, and affiliate discounts

ggda membership package includes:

  • Body/Chest/Breast/Bottle feeding assistance
  • Lactation guidance and resources if needed
  • Newborn Care (swaddling, diapering, bathing, baby wearing)
  • Preparing healing bath and soaks
  • Emotional support- help you find and access your grounding elements
  • Lactation guidance and resources if needed
  • ​Updating the love language between you and your partner 
  • Physical support as you heal from birth - massage, time for your shower, time to rest, a calm, reassuring presence, and a listing ear
  • New baby care and baby massage  -what to do and how
  • Light meal and snacks preparation - Mediterranean style food is my specialty
  • Light housekeeping - make your environment lovely.
  • Baby’s laundry
  • Sharing resources and referrals -(e.g., lactation consultant, sleep consultant, acupuncture, chiropractor for baby and mom)
  • Professional advice and group messaging for parent
  • Expert referrals for lactation, pediatricians, pelvic floor

Rates: Starting at $60/hr

ronit's Postpartum Package

- lily v.

"Ronit was truly a lifesaver for us. I often began our time together feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and by the end always felt more capable and hopeful. She was steady, reassuring, and worked magic with the baby (and in the kitchen!) . She cooked the most beautiful meals for us and really helped me see patterns with the baby that I was too tired to pick up on (particularly around naps). I truly don't know how she got it all done in 4 hours and yet never seemed like she was rushing. The only thing I would change is booking my doula sooner. We felt so lucky Ronit was available and know that was an unusual last minute circumstance : ) I had heard so much about the importance of a labor doula, but in retrospect the postpartum support was much more critical for us and is where I would invest next time.  I would recommend her highly to any family and hope we have the opportunity to work with her with baby #2! "

"I would recommend her highly to any family and hope we have the opportunity to work with her with baby #2!

- lynda s.

"Ronit is one of the most skilled massage therapists I have ever encountered, and I've seen a lot. She homes in on my hard-to-identify sorest spots in a way no one else seems to be able to do, and her exquisite pressure and technique relieve the tension every time. Treat yourself to a 90-minute massage from her so you can really sink into the experience of bodily nirvana."

"Ronit is one of the most skilled massage therapists I have ever encountered, and I've seen a lot."

- steven t.

"I have seen a dozen or so massage therapists in my life and Ronit easily leads the pack! I'm quite active and in good shape, but for a long time, I have suffered from recurring back pain that seems to shift around. Ronit has a knack for finding those nasty pressure points that get to the heart of the problem, and with her gentle yet firm approach, she targets the sources and brings much-needed relief that lasts. And during COVID, Ronit has been offering online zoom sessions for couples' massage training - what a treat! I could not recommend her more highly!"

"I have seen a dozen or so massage therapists in my life and Ronit easily leads the pack!"

- kathy p.

"After one of Ronit's 60-minute massages, I feel so relaxed and loose--I don't want it to end! She is strong and sensitive to the client's needs in every way. And she is willing to do very specific therapeutic work if that's what her client needs. I would highly recommend her work to anyone!"

"She is strong and sensitive to the client's needs in every way"