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  • Trained Postpartum Doula: Natural Resources 2008
  • CPR Certified
  • Professionally Insured
  • Trained Lactation Professional
  • Trained Newborn Specialist
  • Trained Sleep Specialist
  • Experience with Multiples and Preemie Care

Certifications & Specialities

My name is Rosa. I am originally from Brazil. I decided to move to the United States in 2001. My whole life I have been around kids. In Brazil, I was a kindergarten teacher for many years. Once I arrived here in San Francisco, I began supporting families as a nanny. I have been working as a postpartum doula since 2008 and have further continued my education to become a newborn care specialist, lactation educator, and a sleep specialist.

My primary role is to provide emotional, physical, and practical support to new parents and their babies during the postpartum period, which can be a challenging time of adjustment and recovery. I love working with parents to establish a routine for caring for their baby including tasks such as feeding, diapering, bathing baby, and soothing the baby back to sleep. My services include postpartum day and night doula services. Helping parents feel supported and empowered during a time of significant change and adjustment is my ultimate goal. By providing practical assistance, I help parents feel more confident in their ability to care for their baby and themselves, which can have a positive impact on their overall well-being.

Postpartum Day & night Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, Lactation educator

Rosa Silveira

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  • Online Breastfeeding support (up to three a month)
  • Online Pelvic Floor clinic (up to twice a month)
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  • Available via phone, email, and text for non-urgent questions and support upon starting work together.

Rates: $65/hr singleton, $85/hr multiples

rosa's postpartum package

- Olivia

"I am writing this letter to whole heartedly recommend Rosa as a night nurse for any moms out
there who have a newborn baby. Rosa worked for me from when my baby boy was about 5
weeks old until he was almost 6 months. I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that she saved
my life. I thought I would share some things about Rosa that I found particularly wonderful:

*She cared about me: she didn’t just care about my baby (which she did and which is
hugely important); she asked me how I was doing, cared about the answer and helped
me feel better when things weren’t going so well. She is a very empathic person and a
great listener.
*She respected the way I wanted to do things: she would make suggestions in terms of
sleep training but if I wasn’t ready she never pushed me. I always appreciated her advice
and input, but I really loved that she always respected me as the Mom
*I felt like she loved my baby boy and wanted the best for him: she still asks how he is
doing which I love! But I also valued that she knew exactly where the line was in terms
of caring about my baby and being overly possessive
*She was extremely knowledgeable: she is so experienced at all stages and helped me
learn a lot, even though this was my second child.
*She was extremely reliable and punctual which is always helpful.

I honestly cannot say enough good things about Rosa. She helped me through a very stressful
time: we had a lot going on personally beyond having a newborn in the house and she really
saved me from a mental health perspective. It was such a relief to have someone who knew
what they were doing and who genuinely cared."

"She was extremely knowledgeable: she is so experienced at all stages and helped me
learn a lot, even though this was my second child."

- Megan K.

"I employed Rosa as a night doula for our daughter from birth until 8 weeks old for four nights per week. I am very glad to endorse Rosa's skill and reliability as a night doula and recommend her to other families. Rosa was very capable and calming in caring for our daughter. She ensured that the baby was comfortable and cared for all night--feeding and sleeping well. Rosa was also fantastic in being prompt and reliable--from our interview through the last day Rosa supported us as agreed upon."

"I am very glad to endorse Rosa's skill and reliability as a night doula"

- patty

"It is my pleasure to recommend Rosa as a night nanny. Rosa helped our family from when our baby was a newborn to when she was nearly three months old. Rosa was wonderful with the baby. She has a kind and gentle demeanor that put our baby at ease and also allowed us to rest when Rosa was in our home. Rosa was also very dependable. She was never late and never had to cancel. Her reliability was impeccable. She was also very easy to get in touch with and communicate with via text as well, if needed. When Rosa would arrive, she would take the baby and bathe her and get her ready for bed. Rosa took care of all of our baby's needs during the night, just bringing her to me when she needed to nurse. This allowed me to get good rest and be better equipped to handle the following day with our baby and two other young children. I recommend Rosa with full confidence. She was an outstanding nanny and person. Your baby will be in good hands."

"She has a kind and gentle demeanor that put our baby at ease and allowed us to rest when rosa was in our home."

- Francesca B.

"Rosa worked with us for a period of 10 weeks in 2019 with our infant daughter as a night nanny. She is reliable, knowledgeable and very caring. We've referred her to all of our friends looking for someone to help during the night and we are happy to be of reference to anyone looking to hire her. She was always on time. Once when she was sick she gave me as much notice as possible to let me know that she would not be able to make it that night. She apologized and was able to adjust her schedule to make up the extra night that week. We often messaged off hours with questions and updates about my daughter's sleeping and eating patterns during the day. She is a great sounding board and a good coach that helped through many phases. Rosa moved at our pace--not imposing her will but coaching us with small improvements each time if we wanted to. She is very caring. On multiple occasions, I heard my daughter cooing at Rosa which shows my daughter was comfortable and happy to be in her care. Rosa would also message me once in a while to see how my daughter was doing because she cared to know. We had a night nanny with my first daughter who was good but we didn't rehire for my 2nd daughter. We would rehire Rosa in a heartbeat if we had a 3rd."

"We've referred her to all of our friends looking for someone to help during the night."

- maggie, Alex, & brady

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family, especially or Brady. We are so grateful for all the nights you spent with us, and for traveling with us to Montana. Thank you for teaching us so much these past 12 weeks. You will be very missed! Your next family's lucky to have you. Please keep in touch! We hope to see you soon again."

"you will be very missed!"