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  • Trained Labor Doula (DONA) 
  • Trained Postpartum Doula (CAPPA) 
  • Newborn Care Specialist 
  • Certified Breastfeeding Specialist 
  • Belly Binding Certification 
  • Breastmilk soap making 
  • Placenta encapsulation 
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Certification
  • Food Handler's License
  • Hypnodoula student
  • Fertility doula student

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Hello everyone! I’m Sadie, a Northern California native with a career in care. I have been supporting families in labor, lactation and postpartum for over two years. Prior to working as a doula I was a nanny, preschool teacher and zookeeper! I am on a mission to build a better village for Bay Area families as a full spectrum doula and breastfeeding counselor. My biggest goal as a doula is to ensure my families can look back at their birth, and be confident that they had the educational, emotional, physical and advocacy support to make their best decision. I have a great appreciation for physiological birth, but an even greater appreciation for bodily autonomy and empowering individuals through childbirth. I firmly believe in uncovering your strength to birth how you see fit. 

I am trained as a labor & postpartum doula, in addition to breastfeeding counselor. I am currently a student lactation consult, hypnodoula and fertility doula. I love to learn! I enjoy preparing delicious freezer meals for my families and keeping long term connections on the precious babies I have seen make their way earthside. 

I firmly believe that childbirth lays the physical and emotional foundation of parenthood, and will follow each member of the family throughout their lives  Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding should be supported on an individual level. Childbirth is a normal physiological event that should be respected as such. Interventions in labor should be done with necessity or desire, holding informed consent and appreciation for the function of labor paramount. Education, empowerment and informed consent are key to a positive childbirth and postpartum experience. All families who want to breast/chest feed should have every resource and opportunity for a successful journey doing so. The United States maternal outcomes in addition to its lack of breastfeeding and postpartum support is preventable and unacceptable. 

Birth & Postpartum Doula, Placenta encapsulation

sadie kelly

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  • Immediate on-call (supported by Golden Gate Doulas)
  • Monthly Educational Workshops
  • Online Breastfeeding support (Up to 3 times a month)
  • Online Pelvic Floor clinic (Up to 2 times a month)
  • Access to GGDA's library of resources
  • New and Expecting Parent Events
  • Access to the Village People, providers, and affiliate discounts

ggda membership package includes:

  • 1 free discovery meeting to establish the best support for your growing family 
  • 2 prenatal visits to provide childbirth education, draft your birth plan, practice comfort measures and receive personalized perinatal education. 
  • 2 check-in calls in the event your birth plan will change, or you would like more in depth clarification between visits. 
  • Unlimited text support 
  • On-call support 24/7 
  • Continuous support during your labor, with no dilation or contraction timing requirements, and up to two hours after your birth. 
  • 1, two-hour, postpartum closure visit to promote emotional healing, smooth the postpartum transition and receive quality lactation support
  • Custom Fitted Birth Ball
  • Free TENS Unit Rental 

starting at: $2,495

sadie's birth package

- britany r.

"I give her 5 stars because She went out of her way to give me The best experience during birth and After !!! I was so scared Id be alone during delivery an she showed up for me an made it a comfortable durable experience 💗 Thank you For everything

"thank you for everything!"

- nikki r.

"Sadie is truly an invaluable resource to our community! She provided our family with sleep consulting, but has gone beyond that with emotional support and breastfeeding/ going back to work consulting as well. She holds a wealth of knowledge, is easy to talk to and very responsive. Our baby has dramatically improved his sleep, I believe large part due to the sleep routine, schedule and positive habits Sadie helped us instill. Sadie remained in close contact through the process, checking in daily and offering slight modifications to our sleep plan as needed. Motherhood, or parenthood for that matter, is hard! It was really good for us to have someone to reach out to, ask questions and provide guidance. I am so impressed by the commitment and service she has to helping mothers, families navigate the tough first months. All mothers should have a Sadie in postpartum!"

"it was really good for us to have someone to reach out to, ask questions and provide guidance"