We carefully select local providers that we trust to care for the families we work with.

If you are working with one of the Doulas from Golden Gate, please make sure to mention that you are a Golden Gate client when booking. Some providers offer promos to GGDA clients!


Meet the village that keeps Golden Gate Doulas               

contact ocean

Ocean trains the GGDA Doulas, provides in-home visits and at the Golden Gate Doula Associates Center.

Ocean Berg has been a perinatal nurse for over 20 years. She has a Masters Degree in Nursing and is certified as a Lactation Consultant through the International Board of Lactation Consultants and is a Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist. Ocean has worked as a nurse in labor and delivery and postpartum at Zuckerberg San Francisco General; as a breastfeeding, childbirth and newborn care educator with California Pacific Medical Center; and as a birth doula.
She has two wonderful daughters whom she breastfed for 2.5 years each. She enjoys gardening, snowboarding, biking and cooking healthy meals.

Ocean is passionate about supporting families in their breastfeeding journey and looks forward to working with clients to reach their lactation goals.

RN, Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Ocean Berg

contact dr. den

Dr. Den has an office located in Noe Valley where she sees Golden Gate Doula Families. 

Dr. Den is a California licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, having received her Master’s of Science and then her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 2018. She has completed extensive coursework in the areas of women’s health and pediatrics.  

She is comfortable with and skilled at treating and supporting people with a wide variety of health concerns, including: psycho-emotional, digestive, women’s health, immune enhancement, acute and chronic pain and the general promotion of physical and emotional health.

Licensed Acupuncturist
Herbalist, Doctor of Chinese Medicine

dr. den bremond

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Judy's blog

Judy teaches workshops at the Golden Gate Doula Associates center.

Judy Kivowitz (AKA Nurse Judy) has worked as a pediatric nurse since 1981. Many local families know her as the beloved "Nurse Judy" at Noe Valley Pediatrics. She writes a popular pediatric nurse advice blog nursejudynvp.blogspot.com 

Her goal is to offer a calm, common sense approach to common parenting issues ranging from illnesses, safety, starting solid foods. Check out her Newborn "Baby Boot Camp" at the GGDA office.

Pediatric Registered Nurse, Published Author

Judy Kivowitz

contact dr. charisse

Dr. Charisse has an office located in Golden Gate Doula Center and hosts monthly "Vag Clinic" for our clients. 

Charisse specializes in treating the pelvic floor and chronic pain.

In 2004, she obtained her B.S. in Exercise Physiology with a Minor in Psychology from UC Davis. She continued on to the Azusa Pacific University and graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2009. After obtaining her doctorate, she began to focus her attention to yoga.

Charisse obtained her yoga certification RYT-200 in 2015. With this training, she was introduced to the physiological benefits of the quiet, restful, supported practice of restorative yoga.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Dr. Charisse Balance 

Contact alicia

Alicia trains the GGDA Birth Doulas and teaches workshops privately and at the Golden Gate Doula Associates Center.

Alicia was born and raised in Mexico City and now calls Marin home. She is a happy wife and mother of three amazing boys. The births of her boys using HypnoBirthing were among the most wonderful and empowering experiences in her life. This motivated her to become a HypnoBirthing, The Marie Mongan Method Childbirth Educator, and to share this amazing program with expecting families since 2013.

Alicia's passion is to support pregnant couples during their pregnancy and birth so they can experience these magical, transformational processes in a gentle, calm, conscious, and empowering way. Since 2019, she also has been serving as a volunteer Birth Doula in the Marin Community Clinic supporting moms in conditions of vulnerability.

Recently, she finished her certification as a Prenatal Bonding (BA) Facilitator. This program is a one-on-one constant accompaniment that promotes a deep prenatal parents-baby bond, supports the maternal transformation process, and satisfies the unborn Baby's primary need to be accepted and loved, to be given security and protection, and above all to be securely attached to enable, what she calls,  "trans-generational harmony".

Certified Hypnobirthing Child Birth Educator, Birth Doula, & Prenatal Bonding facilitator

alicia contreras

Contact SFBC

The SFBC offers midwifery care in a safe and comfortable space, ask about the discount to Golden Gate Doula Clients!

The San Francisco Birth Center offers comprehensive midwifery care that is tailored to each family's needs in a safe, home-like environment. 

They offer a comfortable place to bring your baby into the world under the hand of experienced midwives. They have private, in-suite bathrooms and large birth tubs. 

Once you are back home, the midwives will do home visits to check on you and your new baby and be available to answer questions.

They also offer group prenatal care and other classes and events. 

Comprehensive Midwifery Care

San Francisco Birth Center 

Contact a pt at origins

Origin is proud to support the families of the GGDA. They host informational workshops about pelvic floor health virtually and at the Golden Gate Doula Associates Center.

Our team of clinicians use their expert knowledge of women’s entire bodies to solve commonly overlooked health issues, from painful sex to postpartum recovery. We believe that treating women requires a safe space and a whole body approach (that means your vagina and pelvic floor, too).

Our work is centered around individual goals and needs, and includes expert guidance, targeted exercise, strengthening, and hands-on work.


Origins Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Contact Anne

Anne trains the GGDA Postpartum Doulas and teaches workshops at the Golden Gate Doula Associates center.

Anne, a Californian, is a lover of life, family, food, and sleep! Anne is a wife and a mother to a fun-loving toddler boy.

In coaching her own baby boy, Anne was amazed at how quickly her son learned to sleep on his own and how well rested he became. Formerly sleepless nights had turned into healthy sleep for her family, and ultimately, she was left with a newfound confidence in motherhood.

That is what motivated Anne and she has been helping sleepy families locally and around the globe since 2017.

Anne believes that motherhood is not meant to be survived, but to be spent thriving. She takes a compassionate, educated, thorough and parent-supportive approach with families. She is a passionate mama with a love for children and she is committed to helping parents. When it comes to sleep, Anne’s motto is “Do not suffer in silence”, you and your baby deserve to sleep, and Anne is here to help!

Certified Sleep Consultant

Anne Del Valle 

Contact Lorena

Lorena offers massage services at Golden Gate Doula Associates Center on Thursdays from 10am-6pm

Twenty years ago, Lorena began her massage therapy practice. She has worked at many reputable spas in San Francisco, New York City and Palo Alto. Most recently, she was working at Nob Hill Spa.

In the beginning of her career she specialized primary in Deep Tissue massages. Once she became pregnant she found herself needing prenatal massages and discovered incredible relief from her prenatal massage therapist. It was priceless and she couldn't be more thankful to her services.

After having her baby, she also experienced the physical demands of caring for her baby and her empathy grew with each passing day. Parenting is such an amazing experience and yet can take a toll on our bodies. Massage therapy has proven to help manage these physical challenges. 

Lorena will provide you with a highly skilled massage along with lots of empathy and the desire to provide you with great experience. She welcomes any questions you may have.

Certified Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician

Lorena Sanchez

Contact Estelle

Estelle teaches breastfeeding at the Golden Gate Doula Associates center.

Estelle is a perinatal nurse and Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Her chief mission is to help moms and babies on their breastfeeding journey. Every family has a different story and a different set of challenges. Estelle offers individualized care tailored to your needs and goals. 

Estelle is a mother of two and lives with her partner in the San Francisco Bay Area. She grew up and went to school in France and graduated from nursing school in 2003. She worked in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for several years in France before moving to the USA. Estelle has been a nurse at the San Francisco General Hospital Birth Center (Labor & Delivery and Postpartum) since 2017. In 2014, she gave birth to her son and developed a passion for breastfeeding. She spent a few years helping new parents and studying lactation until becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2021. 

As a mother, she breastfed both her children and was blessed to meet lactation professionals who helped her persevere and make it a reality. Also, transitioning back to work came with its challenges. Her personal experience, professional background, and training, made her realize her passion for helping families in their breastfeeding journey.


Estelle Fraisse

Contact tia

Tia hosts monthly 'Vag Clinics' at Golden Gate Doula Associates Center. 

Dr. Anietie Ukpe-Wallace, PT, DPT, also known as Tia, is an orthopedic and pelvic health physical therapist who specializes in providing a continuum of care and support from pregnancy loss to postpartum all while emphasizing the importance of self-care. Tia has had a life-long fascination with the human body and its inner workings which ultimately led her to path that she is on today.

Beginning with a formal introduction to movement in college, she has continued that journey ever since. As a yoga teacher of 8 years around the Bay Area, her practice morphed from one of structure and ego to one of humility and independent thinking. After her own chronic struggles surrounding her pelvic floor and multiple miscarriages she has grown a love for learning and understanding this part of the body that is rarely talked about and sometimes even misunderstood. She is currently a Doctor of Physical Therapy in Oakland, CA where she offers both telehealth and concierge/in-home therapy services.

In addition, she is works as a women’s health coach, host of her former podcast, The Masterful Art of Self-Care and an amateur pole and Lyra artist. She is a wife, mother to her 7 year old daughter and a cat mom.

 Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Dr. Anietie ukpe-wallace

Contact Treasure

Treasure provides acupuncture to prenatal & postnatal clients at Tao to Wellness and the Golden Gate Doula Associates center.

Treasure De La Cruz is a California State Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Licensed Diplomate of Oriental Medicine. At Tao to Wellness, Treasure acts as one of their fertility and pain management specialists. After having studied Nutrition at Virginia, being a yoga teacher for 10 years, combined with a career as a certified massage therapist for 10 years, and then becoming a trained doula, Treasure De La Cruz finally landed in the world of Chinese medicine. Her 18 years as a healer gives her a deep understanding of the body.

Especially as a mom and a trained doula, Treasure loves supporting people on their way to parenthood; whether trying to conceive naturally or working with IUI and IVF protocols. She is filled with knowledge on how to support parents to-be, from the preparation for conception, to during pregnancy, and to preparing for birth. Treasure understands the importance of family and as a health care provider, it is an honor to witness & support women through this miraculous journey into motherhood. From a pain management/structural standpoint, she is a master at pain relief and helping people with body awareness, ergonomics and offering stretches and exercises when appropriate to support their treatment and lifestyle. From fertility to pain management and everything in between, Treasure is an expert.


Treasure De La Cruz

Contact GGDA


Jennifer Darwin is the Owner/Director of Golden Gate Doula Associates. She recognized that many families where becoming overwhelmed trying to find their "Village" to support them through pregnancy and into parenthood. She wanted to be able to provide professional birth workers, doulas and providers that empowered people through this journey.  

Sara Comden is the GGDA Operations Manager, she is our "match maker" and runs the business side of the company. She will put you in touch with a doula who has available around your due date and answer any questions about the services we offer at GGDA.

Ashley Clough is the GGDA Virtual Office Coordinator who helps coordinate the needs of the couples we support. She has years of experience in executive office management. 

GGDA Dream Team

Check out loop

Loop is proud to be working with the families of Golden Gate. Use code GGDA25 at checkout and receive 25% off your first order (excluding membership and the Snoo).

Loop Baby rents and delivers baby gear & toys by the month in NYC and the SF Bay Area. We’re here to help modern parents reduce waste while they save time and space. Explore our curated selection of highly-rated baby gear & toys to find the items that suit your child's stage of development, and your needs, home and lifestyle. When you Loop, you’re renting today’s best gear and toys for your child. We’ll bring you the items you want, you can enjoy them as long as you like, then we’ll pick them up when you’re done. It’s just that simple.

Start exploring our curated selection of top-rated, gently used baby equipment and toys for your family. Once your cart is ready, we’ll ask you to select a Loop Membership plan. To complete checkout, we’ll ask you to select either an Annual or Monthly plan. Next, we’ll gather your information so you can securely pay and set up your first delivery. Tell us when you’d like your first visit from our courteous and dedicated delivery team. You can schedule weeks or months ahead, so you’ll only have the gear you want while you need it. If you decide you’re done with an item, for any reason, we’ll pick it up or exchange it for something else. Annual Members get unlimited drop offs, pick ups and exchanges.

Sustainable Baby Gear Rental

Loop Baby 

Contact Kate

Kate teaches chiropractic prenatal & postnatal classes at Golden Gate Doula Associates Center and offers her services to our SF clients.

Dr. Kate Russell is a chiropractic doctor providing full spine care and adjusting, but also specializing in extremities, pregnancy, and low force techniques. It is her belief that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to pain and dysfunction and she is very committed to caring for each patient’s individual needs and helping them on their own path to balance, health and quality of life. 

Dr. Russell works with Thriving Life Wellness, a team of Chiropractic doctors who specialize in low force chiropractic care. They help people with chronic pain, stress and anxiety and get to the root cause of their problems so they can get back to living life the way they want to - with full energy, mood, sleep and quality of life. Each chiropractor is a member of the ICPA and each specialize in prenatal care, postpartum care and children. They are dedicated to providing you and your family with the best possible care. 

Doctor of Chiropractics

Dr. Kate Russell

Contact Kate

Kate is proud to be working with the families of Golden Gate offering her house call services to our clients! Get your first free consultation below.

Dr. Kate Wong is a Housecall chiropractor who specializes in preconception, prenatal, perinatal, and postpartum. She offers concierge chiropractic care that provides chiropractic care customized for parents and children that works with a busy schedule.

Dr. Wong is Webster Technique Certified, a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment with the goal to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation or sacroiliac joint dysfunction very common in pregnant moms. This technique helps mothers have a comfortable pregnancy by providing proper alignment in the pelvis and spine best for their pregnancy needs, especially mothers who may suffer with discomfort such as pelvic pain, sciatica, vertigo, low back pain, etc. Best of all, she comes straight to your home!

She extends her services to newborns, toddlers and up to optimize child development brain function that may need customized care that the conventional methods don't provide. Dr. Wong emphasizes the importance of postpartum care focusing on helping your body recover back to alignment, especially after the birthing process.

Doctor of Chiropactics

Dr. Kate wong 

Contact Stephanie

Stephanie leads our Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Workshop at Golden Gate.   

Stephanie is the founder of Preggo Pilates, a Balanced Body Master Trainer and the Director of Pre and Postnatal Education at EHS Pilates in San Francisco. She brings over 25 years experience as a Pilates practitioner, dancer, body worker, anatomy and yoga student to her teaching, which is infused with irreverence and humor.
Her first hand knowledge of pregnancy, birth, Mamahood and deep connection to birthing professionals make her a natural at serving pre and postnatal women. Stephanie is passionate about working with women struggling with diastasis recti (split abdominals), prolapse and pelvic floor dysfunctions. She is currently getting certified as an Integrated Women’s Health Coach. Since 2008 she has been a member of the Mamas Resource Network, an eclectic Bay Area network of professionals who serve, support and educate pregnant and postpartum women and their families.

When she's not teaching Pilates, Stephanie enjoys biking throughout San Francisco, dancing outdoors, hiking, reading long mystery novels, geeking out on the pelvic floor and spending time with her two teenage children, her husband and their beloved menagerie of three cats and a dog.

Balanced Body Master Trainer & Pilates Educator

Stephanie Forster 

Contact Heather

Heather is proud to be working with the families of Golden Gate. offering unique Belly Facials to our families!  

Heather is a graduated and licensed Esthetician from San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology. She has always had a deep love for skincare and helping others feel beautiful in the skin that they are in.

She is always on the hunt for tips and tricks to further her knowledge and education, previously she worked at a high end spa in the heart of San Francisco but is now focusing on helping out expecting and postpartum mothers to get their skin in a healthy and beautiful state.

Her passion and empathetic nature can be easily felt throughout the services she provides, making sure each client leaves feeling relaxed and satisfied with their experience.

Licensed Esthetician

Heather Darwin 

Contact Tomi

Tomi is proud to be working with the families of Golden Gate offering Placenta Encapsulation and tinctures to our families!  

Tomi is positively passionate about placentas. Since 2010 she has been offering all things placenta related including sacred burial ceremony, tinctures, art prints, and her own unique recipe which is a balance for preserving the precious nutrients and hormones, but also cooking for safety. 

Tomi was trained by members of an online forum called ,“The New Placenta Group,” some of whom went on to form The Association for Placenta Preparation Arts. 

She also carries a blood borne pathogens certificate. She would love to connect with you on how to best serve your individual needs regarding your baby’s sacred organ.

Placenta Arts Preparation Specialist

Tomi Hougen 

Contact Eva

Eva is available to provide information and answer any questions as part of Golden Gate Doula Associates and CBR’s commitment to education, as well as special price savings to GGDA clients.

My name is Eva Breder, and I am the account manager for CBR® in the SF Bay Area. I have been with CBR since 2006 and have loved working with expectant families, OBGYN’s and all birthing providers to educate on the powerful resource of newborn stem cells so that all families are able to make an informed decision. Many families choose to bank both cord blood and cord tissue because they are rich sources of powerful stem cells that can be used in medical treatments.

Cord blood stem cells can be used as part of a stem cell transplant to rebuild the immune system for certain cancers, blood, and immune disorders. Plus, stem cells found in cord blood and cord tissue are helping to change the science of regenerative medicine, which involves repairing or establishing normal tissue function in the body, replacing organs, and curing life-threatening diseases. The collection process is simple, safe, and painless for both mom and baby.

SF Bay Area Account Manager CBR

Eva Breder 

Contact Serena

Parent group info

Serena is proud to be working with the families of Golden Gate offering The KAZ Project: A New Parent Speaker Series every Wednesday from 10am-11am at our GGDA Office. Discounts available for GGDA Clients.

Serena is a Mother, a Certified Nurse Midwife, A Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She became a midwife in 2009, earning her degree from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Since becoming a midwife she has worked at Sage Femme Birth Center, St. Luke’s Hospital (now CPMC Mission Bernal), The Homeless Prenatal Program and The San Francisco Birth Center. She is the founder and primary midwife of The KAZ Project, a Midwifery Corporation. Through the KAZ Project she offers in home postpartum, lactation and well-person care. The KAZ Project also offers workshops and classes for new and expectant families to help reduce the isolation and singular focus that comes from being a parent. As a midwife and mother of three she understands that not everything can be learned from a book. This is why she created the KAZ Project as a way to empower parents to find their own path while being uplifted by a supportive and unique community. When Serena is not working with families she enjoys arts and crafts with her daughters, sewing, hiking and sailing on the bay with her husband. 


Serena Saeed-Winn 

Contact amelia

Mom group info

Amelia is proud to host the New Parents/New Babies Group for the families of GGDA.

Amelia Kriss is a Drama Therapist and Certified Coach in private practice in the Bay Area, California, where she lives with her husband and two powerhouse daughters. She's excited to be facilitating the New Parents/New Babies Group at GGDA, Amelia is also deeply committed to Birth Story Medicine work--helping birthing parents integrate, and move forward from, unresolved issues connected to the experience of giving birth. She believes that supporting parents through birthing as a rite of passage is an important (and too often missing) piece of creating healthier & happier families.


amelia kriss