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  • A complaint should be emailed to - please include “Grievance Submission” in the subject line.
    Include with your complaint:
    1. The first and last name(s) of all parties involved
    2. The date(s) on which the event(s) or behavior(s) occurred
    3. detailed account of the event(s) or behavior(s)
    4. Your name, phone number and address
    5. Any relevant documentation of the event or forms of evidence — including but not limited to witness statement(s) if applicable. Failure to include any documentation or evidence within 30 days of your complaint will result in the dismissal of the grievance.
  • The complaint must be received no later than 12 months after the alleged occurrence.
  • The Doula Contractor(s) under review must be named in the complaint.
  • We will review the complaint.
    - If the complaint or grievance is not found to be in violation of Golden Gate Doula's Member Standards and Code of Ethics it may be subsequently dismissed in which case all parties will be formally notified.
    - If further review is required the provider named in the complaint will be given 30 days from the date of the notification to respond to all allegations. The doula contractor will also be asked to meet with the owners of Golden Gate Doula Associates. If the doula contractor/provider fails to attend the meeting, his or her Golden Gate Doula Associates membership may be revoked.
    - All involved parties will be notified in writing and will have the opportunity to review any and all documentation submitted in the grievance.
    - We ask that during the grievance process the provider and the complainant not have contact with one another unless permission was given or it is required by law.
    - It is our goal when reviewing a grievance that all parties be committed to a resolution and that all grievances will be settled as respectfully and quickly as possible.
    - Confidentiality: All parties involved in the grievance procedure, including the complainant, the doula contractor in question, members of the Grievance Committee and any third parties must agree to keep confidential for all time any and all verbal or written communications regarding the mediation, negotiations, conclusions and/or sanctions of the grievance or complaint filed with Golden Gate Doula Associates.
  • GGDA will endeavor to resolve the grievance within 60 days of receipt of the provider’s submission in response to the objection or complaint.
  • GGDA seeks to render a fair and impartial decision. Our decision is final and it will decide any disciplinary action or penalty. Disciplinary actions or penalties decided by GGDA may include a written warning, formal reprimand, temporary suspension of membership, or removal of membership status.
  • All documents submitted with a complaint or grievance will remain on file.


All Doulas of Golden Gate Doula Associates are independent contractors and privately owned businesses. All agreements and contracts are drafted and signed between the Contractor and the client. All Doula Contractors and its affiliates have committed to abide by our Member Standards and Code of Ethics. 

If there is a question or concern that a Doula who is listed as a GGDA Contractor is not adhering to these agreed upon standards, a complaint can be submitted through our Grievance Policy. Grievances or complaints may be submitted by anyone, including but not limited to a client of the doula contractor, the partner or family of a doula’s client, a nurse, care provider, another GGDA Contractor; or it may be originated by the Grievance Committee itself. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that a fair and comprehensive understanding of the issue will be discussed and processed by the GGDA owners and subsequently a Grievance Committee.

Grievance policy