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Preparing for your birth with the Covid-19 outbreak, we know it can seem overwhelming as you try to navigate though this. The Golden Gate Doulas are here for you!

Take a look below to check out some resources we put together!

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A message from a labor nurse

with Doula Claudia, Doula Ke'Xia and Doula Brette 

Newborn Baby Boot Camp Workshop 11.29.22

Hosted by: Claudia Penate, Erin Chapman, Rali Zikatonova
Special Guest: Dr. Kate Russell

comfort measures workshop | 09.27.22

with Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Ocean Berg, RN, IBCLC

breastfeeding workshop

with Doula Brette, Doula Varya, Doula Alana

Postpartum prep workshop 8.30.22

with Doula Caitlyn and Doula Jen 

Postpartum prep workshop

GGDA monthly workshops

Doula Jen - Tips for pushing and what are they looking for during a vaginal exam!

“How do I push?” “Will I poop?” The truth and tips for pushing!

Doula Jen - Let's talk about medical inductions!

Inductions! Let's talk!

with Doula Kirsten

How to use a tens unit

Bonus Videos from the GGDA Birth Doula Team

Rock your birth

Doula Rali- Easy 15 minute Postnatal Yoga Session

Core awareness postnatal yoga session

Doula Rali- Easy 19 minute Postnatal Yoga Session | Shoulder & Chest

shoulder & chest opening postnatal yoga session

Perinatal Yoga Instructors

Yoga Corner