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Preparing for your birth with the Covid-19 outbreak, we know it can seem overwhelming as you try to navigate though this. The Golden Gate Doulas are here for you!

Take a look below to check out some resources we put together!

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A message from a labor nurse

with Doula Brette, Doula Kyrsha and Doula Sadie

Newborn Baby Boot Camp Workshop 2.28.23

Hosted by: Claudia Penate, Julianna Winer, and Jen Darwin

comfort measures workshop | 01.31.23

with Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Ocean Berg, RN, IBCLC

breastfeeding workshop

with Doula Claudia and Doula Bria

Postpartum prep workshop I 3.28.23

GGDA monthly workshops

Doula Jen - Tips for pushing and what are they looking for during a vaginal exam!

“How do I push?” “Will I poop?” The truth and tips for pushing!

Doula Jen - Let's talk about medical inductions!

Inductions! Let's talk!

with Doula Kirsten

How to use a tens unit

Bonus Videos from the GGDA Birth Doula Team

Rock your birth