We feel that doula support is needed now more than ever!  The GGDA doulas are taking extra steps to protect themselves and the families they are supporting by staying current on all recommended Vaccinations.
Please reach out to us at operations@goldengatedoula.com so we can help you navigate what will work best for your family! 

The Golden Gate Doulas are ready to support your postpartum period!


GGDA Doula Meghan explains hand expressing breast milk

hand expression

GGDA Doula Jen demos her signature Mermaid Swaddle 

doula jen's famous mermaid swaddle

GGDA Doula Caitlyn explains how to use your baby wrap by using her adorable puppy! 

doula caitlyn demos babywearing

with Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Ocean Berg, RN, IBCLC

breastfeeding workshop

with Doula Caitlyn and Doula Jen 

Postpartum prep workshop

with Doula Allison and Doula Julianna 

Postpartum prep workshop

Thriving Wellness Doctor's Danielle Geiger, DC and Kerry Chan, DC Bellies teach about the importance and benefits of prenatal and infant chiropractic care!

Bellies and Babies Workshop

video workshops

car safety

Use these graphics to familiarize yourself with keeping your baby safe in the car!

The diaper station

Doula Jen goes over basic diaper tips!

diaper tips

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  • Infant CPR and Safety
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga 
  • Infant Massage Class
  • Establishing Good Sleep Habits for Newborns
  • Postpartum Prep and Planning
  • Baby Wearing Safety Class
  • Introducing Solids to Your Baby
  • Healthy Meal Planning for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
  • Weekly Mom Groups
  • On Site Family Therapist
  • On Site Herbalist
  • On Site Massage Therapist

Classes and Additional Support offered at GGDA

Alamo For All on Tuesdays. Lights up, sound down, babies welcome

did you know about this?

At sensory-friendly Alamo for All shows,
  • Lights are turned up and sound is turned down
  • All ages are welcome (including infants)
  • Talking and noise is allowed and guests can move around
  • Latecomers are admitted
  • Adaptive technology is welcome (but no other electronics, please)

Take your baby to the movies! Relax and enjoy a movie with other parents who don't care if your baby cries, needs to breastfeed, or just needs to be a kid!

Alamo for All - a movie program for young families and guests with special needs. All shows starting before 6pm on Tuesdays follow Alamo for All rules, with some shows on the weekends. Schedule may vary during holidays. 

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2550 Mission St,
San Francisco, CA 94110