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The Golden Gate Doula Associates was founded in 2016 by Jennifer Darwin and has quickly become a trusted resource for all your maternity and postpartum needs. Our Doula Center is located in the Dog Patch Neighborhood of San Francisco.

We understand that your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period could be unpredictable, and we want to provide emotional and physical support throughout that process. Our vetted doulas offer non-judgmental support in the way that you chose to give birth.
The GGDA has changed the way some physicians and nurses view doulas, by facilitating the birth team approach and by establishing strong relationships with many prestigious care providers, midwives, and hospitals in the area. The doulas on our platform are reputable and well known for not promoting an “us against them” atmosphere and working in tandem with the entire birth team, thus providing a complete circle of care.

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- jessica h.

We greatly benefited from many of the prenatal and postnatal classes that Golden Gate Doulas offered. Overall, I really appreciated the benefits of hiring a Doula through a well known and reputable agency as there is more infrastructure and support overall

"I really appreciated the benefits of hiring a Doula through a well known and reputable agency"

- katie c.

We absolutely loved the workshops and recordings. They helped us feel better prepared for what to expect and it was empowering to learn what my body was going through for labor and delivery. Thank you for making our birth experience so positive and memorable!

"They helped us feel better prepared for what to expect"

- greer m.

GGDA provided a great selection of potential doulas when we decided we wanted to explore working with a doula at 36 weeks. My son was born at 39 weeks and in that short window in between we found a great doula to work with for birth and postpartum. Thanks for the quick response and breadth of resources! 

"we found a great doula to work with for birth and postpartum."

- libby h.

GGDA has clear communication on their website and in their email communications. I appreciated the opportunity to do "speed dating" video sessions with a few doulas before choosing one. Their online sessions via Zoom are also valuable learning experiences! Overall an efficient operation. I had a very positive and empowering labor and birth experience. GGDA played a significant role in helping me achieve this vision.

"Overall an efficient operation. "

-Balprit C.

Golden Gate Doula Associates exceeded my expectations by matching me with an amazing last-minute doula. Their prompt and professional service ensured I had the support I needed during a critical time. Additionally, their Zoom support for breastfeeding and Baby 101 classes was incredibly helpful, providing me with essential knowledge and confidence as a new parent. 

"Golden Gate Doula Associates exceeded my expectations "

- ola w.

I used GG Doula Associates to find a both doula and a postpartum night doula. In both cases the process was great, we had a chance to interview a few doulas through the matching process, and talk to a few others through the Meet the Doulas event. We had a good experience with both doulas and appreciated all the resources provided by the association.

"We had a good experience with both doulas and appreciated all the resources provided by the association."

- emily d.

"Golden Gate Doula Associates is absolutely wonderful. Not only are they extremely responsive, but the personalized care that they provide is top notch!! Also, when putting together a labor and delivery checklist, make sure it includes Jen Darwin - she deserves FIVE stars and more for how good she is at her job. The support that she gave to my husband and I during the birth of our second baby DURING COVID is unmatched and I can't thank her enough for the beautifully positive birth experience that we had."

"If you are thinking about getting a doula, look no further!"

- Danielle M.

I've loved my experience with Golden Gate Doulas so far – I've worked with a birth doula and a postpartum night doula, both of whom have been fantastic and critical to my birth and postpartum experiences. I love the additional classes as well that helped me prepare for the birth. I appreciated that there was a backup network in place so I had great coverage for the beginning of my birth before my primary birth doula could arrive. I would strongly recommend Golden Gate Doulas to any of my friends (and in fact, have already recommended them to some people!) 

" I would strongly recommend Golden Gate" Doulas to any of my friends"

- emma s.

Golden Gate Doula Associates was so great for our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. First, they have a wonderful network of doulas as well as a full team of individuals to help through every aspect of the experience. We also loved the monthly classes leading up to birth and the postpartum latch/vag clinic have been very useful as well. It is great to have one go-to resource for everything related to pregnancy and birth. Thank you GGDA!

I love that GGDA provides a network of doulas
and other pregnancy/birth/postpartum services and support.

- Esther Y.

I highly recommend Golden Gate Doula Associates for all parents to be, especially first time parents. Our doula was very experienced with a lot of knowledge . They provide classes that are super beneficial for all stages of pregnancy and birth. We could not say enough great things about GGD! There is nothing I would change with my experience with GGD. 

We could not say enough great things about GGD! 

- Vindya d.

Golden Gate Doula helps find the best in experienced doulas. They are responsive and timely and incredibly helpful by every measure. They were so helpful in helping us find both of our postpartum doulas.

They were so helpful in helping us find both of our postpartum doulas.

- evan f.

I had an incredible experience end to end with Golden Gate Doulas. The matching process was seamless - I had multiple great options to choose from for both birth doulas and postpartum doulas. I loved the doulas I ended up working with, and also found the zoom classes to be helpful. It's especially helpful working with an organization like Golden Gate because of the backup support - my doula was attending another birth at first, so I had an amazing backup doula to help me in the earlier parts of labor before my doula could arrive.

"I loved the doulas I ended up working with"

- Katie v.

Golden Gate Doula Associates was a great way to find out doula! The matching process was easy. We didn't take too much advantage of the classes and resources but it was nice that they were there. The backup doulas we met through Golden Gate Doula Associates also seemed great.

"The matching process was easy."

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Following the interviews, once you have made your selection, your dedicated Match Maker will guide you through the final steps of the hiring process! They will provide valuable support and assistance to ensure a smooth and efficient completion of the necessary paperwork and arrangements. 

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Once you have chosen your preferred doula match, they will personally reach out to you to introduce themselves and coordinate a convenient time for an interview.

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From the list provided, feel free to select your preferred doulas or specialists. Simply let us know which professionals you would like to interview, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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When selecting the ideal doula or doulas for your family, we take into account various factors
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Our Match Maker will carefully review the information you provided in your care questionnaire and personally initiate the process of pairing you with highly qualified doulas, newborn care specialists, lactation consultants, and other birth and postpartum experts from our team.

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A few Extra Perks...

If you chose to move forward with one of our providers, you will qualify for these amazing perks!

  • Educational workshops to prepare couples for birth and postpartum 

  • Our Virtual Latch Clinic are 2-3 times a month

  • Our Virtual Pelvic Floor Clinic is 1-2 times a month

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Massage and Esthetician Skin Care Services offered at our center

  • New and Expecting Parent Events 

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