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Trainings and Certifications
  • Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula: Cornerstone 2017
  • Infant and Adult First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Spinning Babies
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Certification
  • Lactation Education Specialist

Continuing Education and Professional Development​
  • Midwife Training

Professional Memberships
  • Sister Web

Additional Interests and Information
  • Professionally Insured
  • COVID Vaccination and Boosters Up-to-Date
  • Placenta Encapsulator

Certifications & Specialities

Bria Donaldson is a Certified Labor and Post-Partum doula, Placenta Encapsulator, Lactation Education Specialist, and an aspiring IBCLC and Midwife.

Bria Donaldson was born and raised in San Francisco and is the youngest child of 3. Since a young age, Bria always felt called to become a health care physician. It wasn’t until her college years where she became more invested in pursuing a career in Women’s Health, and dove deeper into the discrepancies that plague the healthcare system, especially issues around child birth in the United States. It was during this time where she vowed to devote her life work to making sure women, and other birthing people have positive birth outcomes and experiences. Bria believes everyone deserves the right to walk away from their birth feeling empowered.

Along with birth work, Bria also has an extensive background in childcare and research. Over the span of 10 years she has worked as a nanny, an assistant preschool teacher, and a behavior technician. She also worked as a clinical research coordinator at UCSF in the OBGYN-REI department from 2018 to 2021. Bria currently works as a ‘doula coordinator’ with Sisterweb Community Doula Network, which is a non-profit devoted to providing doula services to women of color in San Francisco. It was because of the birthworker experience she received from Sisterweb that pushed her to start her own doula business, Laboring Love in 2021.

Overall, Bria is excited to be a part of the team at Golden Gate Doulas, and develop more meaningful/impactful relationships with families seeking support during pregnancy and labor.

certified Birth Doula, postpartum day doula, placenta encapsulator, lactation education specialist 

bria donaldson

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  • Immediate on-call (supported by Golden Gate Doulas)
  • Complimentary 30-minute Welcome Call with a GGDA concierge
  • Monthly Educational Workshops
  • Online Breastfeeding support (Up to three a month)
  • Online Pelvic Floor clinic (Up to twice a month)
  • Access to GGDA's library of resources
  • Access to the Village People, providers, and affiliate discounts

ggda membership package includes:

  • 2 (1-2hr: a combination of virtual and in-person) Prenatal Meetings
  • Group Messaging and Email Access for Non-Urgent Support
  • Free TENS Unit Rental
  • Free Custom Fitted Birth Ball
  • Expert Pain Coping Techniques
  • Continuous Labor and Birth Support, including at home and first feeding/Golden Hour
  • Up to 2 (1-2hr) Postpartum Check Ins
  • Additional Prenatal and/or Postpartum visits $200/session
  • Additional add on Placenta Encapsulation $250: includes capsules and a simple umbilical keep sake. Additional $50 for tinctures.  

Rate: $2,700

add on services:

bria's birth packages

-Nina a.

"Bria was an incredible resource during one of the most stressful periods for us She was kind, empathetic and understanding to both myself and my partner. She helped us navigate the last stages of my pregnancy with extreme care. Leading up to the last few weeks, Bria's attention to detail and knowledge helped us create the birth plan we wanted. During labor, Bria was present and able to intuitively pick up on cues and respond with pain management techniques and helpful suggestions. When dealing with hospital staff, Bria was an assertive communicator; she made sure they followed the birth plan. Bria provided the much needed support for my partner to take breaks during labor and relieved a lot of the physical and mental stress. Post delivery, Bria checked up on us and the baby multiple times in person and over text. She always sent an email with clear action items and links to whatever resources we had discussed. During one of these visits, Bria shared her favorite moments from the labor along with a very sweet personalized birth timeline she had made for us. We are super grateful to have had Bria as our doula and we recommend her to anyone looking for someone knowledgeable and kind. I could not have imagined this experience without her!"

" I could not have imagined this experience without her!"

- Monica w.

"Bria consistently provided knowledgeable insights and guidance from the planning stages to when we were actually in the hospital and making decisions about how we were actually going to meet our baby. I most appreciated how Bria met us wherever we were - from planning to in hospital care, Bria combined our preferences and desires with her knowledge to guide us. Was very helpful to have Bria there and available for any questions I had - before labor, when my water broke and through to the arrival of our baby. It was so reassuring and helpful. Highly recommend Bria!"

"I most appreciated how Bria met us wherever we were"

-Eniola C.

Bria was amazing! I had my fears when it came to what my birthing experience could be like. She was very supportive even when the doctors had doubts about how fast things could be moving along, she supported my decision and advocated for me. She made made my birthing experience a positive one. 

"Bria was amazing!"