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  • Hospital Friendly Doulas training (2022)
  • Zuckerberg General Hospital Volunteer Doula Program (Current)
  • GGDA Apprentice (Current)
  • 200 hour YTT Yoga Nisarga (2014)
  • Intro to pregnancy yoga and biomechanics (2022)
  • Advanced Pregnancy Yoga Teaching CPD (January 2023) 

Certifications & Specialities

Hello! My name is Teeya and I’m a birth and postpartum doula serving the Bay Area. My roots are in Northern Idaho where I grew up in Clark Fork, a small town nestled in the mountains. What originally brought me to California 16 years ago was actually singing! I have a bachelor degree in vocal performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where I primarily studied classical technique. Working with my voice gave me a strong understanding of breath and inspired me to dig deeper into further discovering the body. After graduating in 2013, I traveled to India to study Ashtanga yoga which gave me a really deep foundation in body movement and breathing. These experiences coupled with my passion for early childhood development has led me to become a doula. Over the last 11 years, I have worked with families as a nanny and have witnessed many new babies come into people's lives. I have seen the need for support that birthing people need in this process. 

​My main goal as a doula is to give the birthing person a voice and support them in their needs on this journey. It’s important to me for my clients to walk away with a positive birth experience and a feeling of empowerment. Labor can look different for everyone! Listening to the birthing person's intuition and staying present with them in the moment is how I help my clients find their flow and rhythm. I believe in informed consent and bodily autonomy and it is my mission to make sure that all birthing people feel that they are being cared for and listened to. 

I am currently finishing my doula certification with Hospital Friendly Doulas and I am in the Zuckerberg SF General Hospital Doula Volunteer program. I am thrilled to be an apprentice with GGDA and to continue to learn and grow as a birth and postpartum doula.

Apprentice birth doula

teeya smith

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  • Immediate on-call
  • Monthly Educational Workshops
  • Online Breastfeeding support (up to three a month)
  • Online Pelvic Floor clinic (up to twice a month)
  • Access to GGDA's library of resources
  • Access to the Village People, providers, and affiliate discounts

ggda membership package includes:

  • 2 in person prenatal visits: answer questions and concerns, get to know each other and discuss your birth
  • 2 (1-2 hr) postpartum visits: 
  • Assistance with birth preparation sheet and postpartum sanctuary plan
  • On call service for birth day and support through all stages of labor
  • Labor assistance using massage, visualizations, movement, breath and counter pressure
  • Assisting in the inclusion of the birthing persons partner in labor support 
  • Birth photos taken on request
  • Postpartum recovery and infant care education
  • Postpartum recovery and nutritional offerings
  • Custom Fitted Birth Ball
  • Free TENS Unit Rental
  • Expert Pain Coping techniques
  • First Feeding/Golden Hour Support

Rates: $1,200

teeya's birth package