One of the perks of being a Golden Gate Doula is being part of one of the most respected doula groups in the Bay Area!

Doula Director, Jen Darwin believes that we should never stop learning and growing our skills. She created this page to help all the Doulas at Golden Gate keep their skills sharp and be able to share your knowledge with your clients.  Our practice benefits more when we have confident and knowledgeable doulas representing it. Enjoy these trainings and thank you for being a part of our family!

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Check out this Baby Wearing Training! Even the most skilled Baby Wearing Doula will learn something from this! Meleah Ekstrand is one of the BEST Baby Wearing experts around and she will help give you the skills to have confidence when you are working with families who are planning on baby wearing! She discusses how to safely wear a baby and demonstrates a few of the most popular styles of baby wearing gear. 

baby wearing training

With all the swaddles and wrapping techniques out there, new parents can get overwhelmed! This 4 minute video shows a quick and easy way to swaddle a new baby that any parent can do!  

doula jen's famous mermaid swaddle

Birth Doulas Jen Darwin and Allison Katayama host the Newborn Care Monthly Workshop. It covers what to expect from the minute the baby is born into the first few weeks of life.  

*Note: This video is also on our "Member's Only" page for our clients to view. 

newborn basics workshop

Doula Jen and Doula Caitlyn discuss postpartum tips! What the heck happens right after a person gives birth?! Let's have real talk about what happens during the first few minutes up to the first 6 weeks of the postpartum period! We hope that this will help you know how to support clients better as they recover from their vaginal or cesarean birth. 

*Note: This video is also on our "Member's Only" page for our clients to view. 

ggda postpartum preparation workshop

postpartum tips

If you are a new doula just getting started with Golden Gate or maybe new to birth doula work... This meeting was to discuss tips and ways to get a better connection with a couple during that initial meeting to find out if you are a good fit. This is set up in a zoom call style and we decided to record it so other doulas can benefit from these tips! It is kind of long, so grab some popcorn and settle in for a bit!

Tips for Nailing a Birth Doula Consultation

With the constantly changing covid policies in the hospitals, Doula Jen created a "portable doula kit" to offer clients who will be supported virtually by their doula. These kits are full of all kids of helpful tools that you can share with your clients if you are unable to attend the birth. 

Let's talk about what is in those portable doula kits!

In this Training, the GGDA Doulas meet with Kate Rea to discuss the benefits of HypnoBirthing with our clients. Learn techniques that can help reduce fears and anxiety with your birth and postpartum clients. She gives us a special treat and closes with a guided meditation session at the end of the zoom. So, take a deep breath and enjoy this relaxing session with our very own Kate Rea!

Hypno Birthing Training for Doulas

birth doula tips

Doula Jen speaks to a couple about ways to approach a vaginal birth after cesarean birth! This is a casual conversation about ways to explore options, talk to your provider about vaginal birth and tips for couples. 

vbac chat with doula jen

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ECVs!! Let's talk about ECVs and ways we can help our clients prepare for ECVs and how to support them during the procedure! Mental and physical prep! 


evc's and vbac's

Treasure De La Cruz shows the Golden Gate Doulas how acupuncture can benefit prenatal and postpartum clients! Learn how you can educate your clients on ways they can use acupuncture for many different pregnancy related issues: Pain, Circulation, Malposition Babies, Postpartum Hormone Balance and much more! 

Acupuncture during pregnancy and beyond! With Treasure De la cruz

Adara Blake discusses the basics of Breastfeeding with the clients of GGDA. This is an in depth look into ways to support clients through their breast feeding journey. This meeting was recorded in October of 2021. 

Breastfeeding Class with Doula Adara

Dr Kate Russell talks with the Golden Gate Doulas about ways to help your clients in pregnancy and in postpartum with easy to learn body mechanics! Help your clients be more comfortable and help them know when they should seek chiropractic care.

Chiropractor care in pregnancy and beyond
with dr kate russell

Village people corner

Golden Gate Doula's CPA talks about Tax Tips for doulas

tax advice

You are welcome to come to the doula center any time... but, we like to have Fridays as our in office gathering time. Come use the wi-fi and the color printers for your GGDA clients and hang with the doula team!

friday fun-days!

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Join us at the office Fridays for Postpartum and  Birth Doula Circle at 2pm! This will be in person with an option to zoom if you are unable to attend or not feeling well!

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